SCTelcom Interconnection Policy

Statement Addressing FCC Internet Policy Statement

South Central Telephone Association, Inc. (South Central) currently adheres to the FCC Broadband Statement (FCC-05-155) and has existing interconnection obligations pursuant to being a common carrier and a participant in the NECA tariff.

South Central currently connects broadband Internet customers residing in served areas in a non-discriminatory manner to the public Internet; allowing lawful Internet content and applications without giving preference to any singular application or the content of one specific provider.

South Central currently manages Internet traffic with routing practices only at IPV4 Layer 3 and manages bandwidth and content in a non-discriminatory manner so that no one user consumes all resources or can deploy network traffic that is disruptive or damaging to other users.

All network management practices and acceptable uses are posted on South Central’s website, and are distributed to all broadband Internet users.  Changes to network management practices and acceptable uses are communicated to subscribers in the manner described in the Network Management and Acceptable Use policy.

South Central is a participant in the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) DSL Tariff, and is listed in NECA Tariff 4 as a carrier with central office’s capable of providing DSL service, available to any Internet Service Provider (ISP) willing to make all technical and contractual arrangements necessary to provide service over Totah’s broadband capable facilities.  Broadband facilities constructed with Proposed Funds in the proposed service areas will be available to ISP’s, subject to the existing NECA procedures.