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Smart Home User

+ Advanced Managed Wi‑Fi
250 x 250 Mbps
Great for all your internet needs—streaming, gaming, smart home, and more! 10 or more devices
Advanced Managed WI-FI with BLAST
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Streamer / Gamer

+ Managed Wi‑Fi
100 x 100 Mbps
Stream movies and TV shows
Download files
Stream music
Multiple devices
Multi-player gaming
Advanced Managed WI-FI with BLAST for $9.95/mo
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Social Surfer / Emailer

+ Managed Wi‑Fi
25 x 25 Mbps
Web browsing and email
Social media
1-2 devices
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Advanced Managed Wi‑Fi with the BLAST

The next generation smart home system with powerful Wi‑Fi 6 gives you blazing-fast Wi‑Fi speeds with whole-home coverage for an unrivaled online experience, along with a mobile app to control your home network.

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