Why SCTelcom

For SCTelcom, our network of people is just as important as our network of cables. We’re like people who enjoy leading by example, who enjoy bringing community members together, and who understand that the closer we are to one another, the more enriched our lives become. We’re looking for people who want to forge deep connections.

Current Openings

Engineer and Project Manager

At SCTelcom, we’re creating communities you’ll feel proud of. We’re builders. We’re fixers. We’re makers. We’re honest. We’re investing in our communities because we’re a part of those communities. And we’re currently seeking a full-time Engineer and Project Manager!

This is a hands-on, full-time position with day-to-day duties that include planning, designing, and evaluating engineering projects, including creating budgets, assessing subscriber potential, and projecting profitability. Provide contract and project supervision including, developing schedules, preparing plans and specifications, bid processes, contracts, material requirements, contractors, and closeouts. Update and maintain the plant data and mapping system and identify and provide means to make these systems more efficient and effective for our employees.

Essential Duties and Major Responsibilities:

  • Establishes and maintains a project schedule, prepares the contract, plans, and lists specifications for any drawings, staking sheets, or other data needed to communicate the desired product to contractors.
  • Manages entire bid process from notifications, pre-bid meetings, and bid openings, performs bid analysis and recommends the CEO.
  • Works closely with the outside plant manager and inspectors to ensure contractors deliver a quality project, adhering to the project requirements, plans and specifications, and the agreed upon schedule.
  • Ensures invoices reflect accurate tabulations, provides periodic budget updates, confirms the project area is cleaned up, and prepares/submits closeout documents to accounting for final review, approval, and filing.
  • Perform or have someone perform detailed staking.
  • Create staking sheets from field data. Prepare a fiber assignment plan for the project. Identify equipment requirements for a project. Develop project budget using the map wise data. Establish a project budget and material requirements.
  • Updates and maintains accurate plant data records in Mapwise and Company accounting systems. Identify and implement ways to create more operational efficiency with our map wise product. Train others in using our Mapwise product as it pertains to their duties and/or needs. 
  • Identify potential projects and deliver project recommendations to CEO based on careful analysis of customer potential and potential profitability.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned.

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High School Internships

We love our local high school students. Many of the students who have interned with us have gone on to have successful careers with SCTelcom. If you are in high school and would like to explore this opportunity to become part of the SCTelcom family, please reach out to us. We’d love to connect with you.