CLOUD BASED BACKUP – The easy and effective way to manage your backup needs. This solution stores your data off-site and is maintained by our staff.

CENTRALIZED VIRUS PROTECTION – We offer an industry-leading virus scanning software suite to protect your devices. With this solution, our technicians will install the software and verify updates on a quarterly or annual basis.

SERVER AND WORKSTATION PATCHES – Modern operating systems are constantly improving and patches are released on a regular basis. A technician will perform scheduled maintenance on servers, workstations, or both.

SERVER SUPPORT – Servers are defined as devices intended to support the computing needs of multiple users which may include file storage, printer sharing, resource allocation, email or database services. We can provide support for these devices that are critical in keeping your business running.

INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT – Infrastructure is defined as switches, wiring, patch panels and jacks that physically or electronically connect devices within an organization. Our technicians can provide the maintenance and configuration support to keep these devices up and running for your business.

DESKTOP AND SOFTWARE SUPPORT – Our technicians provide support for desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. We also provide support for Intuit and Microsoft Office products.


Computer Repair