A Worry Free Internet Connection


SCTelcom’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic network means you can count on your Internet, without worrying about dropped connections or losing speed during peak hours. We provide the tools you need to succeed and stay connected to your customers and employees.


Plus, get the best Wi-Fi experience throughout your business with SCTelcom’s managed Wi-Fi. With our GigaCenter, your connection will be reliable and strong, delivering the Internet that is critical to your business.

– Professional installation of a state-of-the-art router for a faster, smarter and safer connection.

– SCTelcom will audit the Wi-Fi signal in your buisness and check for interference to complete the professional installation.

– SCTelcom can add wireless mesh extenders to give you complete coverage throughout your entire business.



Working in conjunction with our leased router is our Mesh Wi-Fi to extend coverage throughout your entire business.


25 Symmetrical Mbps** – $79.95

50 Symmetrical Mbps** – $149.95

100 Symmetrical Mbps** – $229.95

250 Symmetrical Mbps** – $499.95

500 Symmetrical Mbps** – $999.95

1 GIG Symmetrical Mbps** – $2299.95

*No charge for initial install of router and connection of up to (10) devices. This equipment is not to take the place of a firewall and should not be used as such. Program requires a 12 month customer commitment and will continue as long as the router is leased. Upon early termination of 1 year commitment, a $35 charge will be assessed. Device remains property of SCTelcom. If device is not returned at the end of your lease in working condition, a $125 charge per device will be assessed. Our mesh extenders work in conjunction with our router and Internet service.
**Maximum download/upload speed. Installation fee required on all new installations. One year contract required. Early termination fee of $100 applies if more than 6 months remain on contract. If 6 months or less remain on initial contract term, than a prorated amount starting at $100 will be assessed. Services not available in all areas.



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