SCTelcom has been providing the latest in technology and high speed Internet to communities for years and we want to continue to expand our network! Our state-of-the-art fiber-optic network means you can count on your Internet, without worrying about dropped connections or losing speed during peak hours. We understand this connection is critical in our rural communities to thrive. Where we extend our network is completely up to you and your neighbors!

By preregistering at, we can collect interest in our different assigned zones. We will begin to develop our construction plans based on interest and goals reached in each zone.

If your address is located in an area where we are currently providing service, you can begin the process at as well.

Ready to get started? Visit today!


 25/25 Mbps  $79.95 / month
50/50 Mbps $149.95 / month
100/100 Mbps $229.95 / month
250/250 Mbps $499.95 / month
500/500 Mbps $999.95 / month
1 Gig/1 Gig $2299.95 / month

*Maximum download/upload speed. Installation fee required on all new installations. One year contract required. Early termination fee of $100 applies if more than 6 months remain on contract. If 6 months or less remain on initial contract term, than a prorated amount starting at $100 will be assessed. Services not available in all areas.