History of South Central Telephone Association-

In 1949, the Rural Electrification Act was amended to include telephone companies. This amendment enabled companies to borrow money from the government at a low interest rate to rebuild and make the most modern telephone service available to everyone, regardless of geographical location.

This amendment had an enormous impact on Govan Mills, a rancher from Lake City, KS who had been trying for years to get dependable telephone service. Mills met with a number of rural exchanges in the South Central part of Kansas to see if they would be interested in participating in a telephone cooperative, borrowing money from the REA and getting dependable service to the area.

Govan spear headed a solution for a dependable phone service in South Central Kansas. Through his efforts the first organized meeting was held in Sun City, Kansas.

The following people were elected to serve as a steering committee until organizational matters were taken care of and exchanges secured:

Govan Mills, Chairman

James Mitchell, Secretary

W.R. Wenrich, Robert Rose, Douglas Goff, A.H. Kaminska, W.R Stone, R.S. Knowles and Roy Platt

South Central Telephone Association, Inc was incorporated in July 1953 which would serve the exchanges of Iuka-Byers, Turon, Sharon, Sun City and Lake City.

Today, SCTelcom serves the communities of Anthony, Attica, Harper, Hazelton, Iuka, Kiowa, Lake City, Medicine Lodge, Pratt, Sharon, Sun City, and Turon in Kansas and Burlington and Byron in Oklahoma.

The mission of South Central Telephone Association, Inc., is to provide dependable and affordable telecommunications services using sound management and progressive technologies to its customers in south central Kansas, north central Oklahoma and in other areas where deemed beneficial to the members.

You can read our By-Laws here.